Development and HistoryEdit


Processor: 733MHz Intel Celeron Processor based on the Pentium III Core.


Graphics Card: 250MHz nVIDIA Geforce 3

Hard Drive: 8 or 10GB

Network: 10/100 Ethernet Port

Sound Card: Realtek AC'97

Optical Drive: Typical DVD-ROM

External Bus: 4 USB 1.1 Ports

The Hard Drive: Is The Xbox Really a Console?Edit

To answer that question, let's take a look to the Xbox. Since it is endorsed by Microsoft, it is safe to assume it bears the traits of most hardware designed for Windows. ReactOS and Linux will run on an Xbox, but running a true-blue version of Windows on the Xbox has yet to be achieved.

Given the console's specs, it's a very close cousin of a PC. So the idea is tempting to pursue, after all, the Xbox is priced quite low, and is essentually a budget PC. The answer to this question is: Yes, it is a console, just souped-up on PC parts.

USB Ports ExplanationEdit

The Xbox has 4 USB 1.1 using a Non-Standard Connector on the front of the console, cleverly disguised as four controller ports. In Essense, each controller acts like a USB Hub, with a Maximum of three connections (One for the Main Port, and one for each Memory Port).

The only difference between this USB Sub-Specification and the Mainstream PC one is the inclusion of a fifth wire, used only on the Xbox Controller.

Xbox ModificationEdit

Evolution into the next XboxEdit

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